MSME India Business Convention

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17th June 2023 | The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi

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Mackson Joseph Mathew

Mackson Joseph Mathew

Assistant Vice President,
Tata AIA Life Insurance

Mackson Joseph Mathew is an Assistant Vice President at TATA AIA ,specializing in the dynamic field of life insurance . With a strong educational background ,Mackson holds a Masters in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management ,Kozhikode . Leveraging his expertise in the life insurance domain for last 16 years, he has consistently excelled in delivering exceptional results and driving growth for TATA AIA . Mackson’s strategic insights and leadership abilities have contributed significantly to the success of the organization , as he navigates the complexities of the industry and delivers innovative solutions that meet the evolving need of the clients . His dedication to the life Insurance domain and commitment to providing financial security make him a valuable asset to TATA AIA and an influential figure in the industry